Mark Mittlesteadt
Relationship Coach - Spiritual Teacher - Author

Creating a World of Love,

One relationship at a time.

Every relationship you have

has one thing in common.


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Mark Mittlesteadt is the Best-Selling Author of "The Alchemy of Purpose" available on this website and on Amazon. 

This book teaches that our purpose in life is Love. To Love ourselves, and express that Love in all we do. 

Mark Mittlesteadt has written many thought provoking blogs on many subjects regarding personal and spiritual growth, addiction, freeing ourselves from self-defeating programming, and finding our purpose in Love to live fulfilling lives.

Mark Mittlesteadt is an active member of the Stress Mastery Community, and in addition to his spiritual teaching, he is also the host of the SMC's Podcast - Weekend Edition, posting new podcasts every Saturday and Sunday. Give them a listen!

Mark Mittlesteadt offers courses and packages to learn the steps in creating a loving, healthy relationship with yourself to break free from the programming and find your purpose so you can create and maintain healthy, lasting relationships with others. 

Mark Mittlesteadt offers One-On-One Coaching as well as Group Sessions, both in person and via Zoom meetings. 

His mission is to help you love yourself again so you can express that love for others. 

Every relationship starts with you.

Coastline at Sunset


Mark Mittlesteadt will be coming out with a new collection of meditations, with narrated affirmations and music created, recorded and produced by The Artist Within.

These will be be out later in 2021!