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Creating a World of Love, 

One Relationship at a Time.

Every relationship you will ever have has one thing in common...You!

Whether our relationships are personal or professional, every healthy relationship starts with the foundation of our own personal and spiritual growth. Working on our own growth, and living with purpose and fulfillment changes our lives, which creates a positive change in all our relationships.

Love is how we change the world. 

Be the Change You wish to See in the World.

Services & Courses, and More!

Mark Mittlesteadt is a Life Coach, Spiritual Teacher and Author who can help you become the best version of yourself, so that you can develop rich, loving and lasting relationships to help you fulfill your purpose in life and share it with others in a meaningful way. Mark offers the following to help you on your personal journey...

One-On-One Coaching

Group Coaching

Books (hard copy and downloadable e-books)

Online Courses



...and more!

One-On-One Coaching

Set up sessions with Mark and get personal, individual coaching face to face, both in person or online. He also offers group coaching for those who do better in a group environment.

On-Line Courses

Mark has developed one of the best online Relationship Building Courses you can find as well as individual personal and spiritual growth courses and e-books to get you to where you want and need to be.

Blogs and Podcasts

Feel free to browse through the extensive library of blogs and podcasts on a number of topics related to personal and spiritual development.

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