"The Alchemy of Purpose"


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"The Alchemy of Purpose"

Learn to Love and Live with Purpose

By Mark Mittlesteadt

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"I pre-ordered this book for myself and then I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to read an advanced copy ahead of time. I loved it so much, I ordered 9 more copies! The book was easy to read and Mark very clearly goes through everything step by step. I am going to read it again, this time with a yellow highlighter to mark everything I want to remember. This book is a game changer. It really makes you look at life differently."  ~ Lorri Yanda


"This is an incredible book. We have featured the book on the Stress Mastery Podcast and it’s getting thousands of downloads. This is a book you want to own. The exercises in the book are important for each of us especially in these times. There are those teachers who come along at a time when their teachings are needed for the times we live. Mark's book creates a connection that reveals You to You. When connected to our Purpose life begins to make sense within, even though the world and outer environment may be in chaos. The Alchemy of Purpose is a book that will create change for you and generations to come."  ~ Bill Cortright - Founder of "Living Right with Bill Cortright", The Stress Mastery Community and author of three books, including "The Stress Response Diet" and "The Illusion of Stress".


"Perfect book for the times we are in! We can't control the world crisis, but we can definitely control what we do and think about. This book lays out in great detail how we can fulfill our purpose, how to feel better about things and what we can do to make things better. Highly recommend."  ~ Melissa Lyckberg