The Artist Within  
"Relationship Building Course"
will improve your relationships.

With this course you will...

•    Create and bring greater health, love, joy, inner peace and purpose to your life.

•    Learn effective conflict resolution to strengthen your existing relationships.

•    Identify unhealthy, toxic relationships and know how to deal with them.

•    Create new, healthy, loving and lasting relationships.

I offer three different Relationship Building Course Modules to meet your needs and budget. All Course Modules include support from Mark via email or live one-on-one coaching.

Module 1

Module 1 is for anyone looking to change and improve their own life.

Module 2
Module 3

Module 2 is an extension to Module 1. Together these two modules are great for couples.

Module 3 focuses on identifying unhealthy or toxic relationships and how to deal with them.

All Modules are available in both PDF and Audio form.

The Modules can be purchased separately, but the best deal is the package.

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