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What I Can Do for you as Your Life Coach.

You are probably wondering what my coaching can do for you and whether or not it is worth the time and money to hire me as your life coach. So let me answer some common questions I get from potential clients.

Where did you get your training, and are you certified?


I have an Associates Degree in Applied Sciences-Human Services Academic, which is a degree in the study of psychology, specifically in counseling and human behavior. While I am not a licensed therapist, my degree offers more than a coaching certification. I was professionally coaching people back in the 1990's with my “Artist Within” art workshops, where I helped artists discover their own purpose and find deeper meaning in life. I've been a life coach long before “coaching” was even a thing. I recently completed my theory of purpose and will soon have two book published under The Artist Within company, "The Alchemy of Purpose" and "The Theory of Purpose". 


Why do I need a life coach?


If you are thinking about changing your life, you have to know that while it is possible to go it alone and try to change your life all on your own, it is really a difficult struggle to change without some kind of help. Perhaps you've read a lot of self-help/personal growth books and you may have already tried changing your life, but whether it's a new diet, exercise program, a change in career, freeing yourself from an addiction, dealing with relationship problems or any number of issues, you probably already know how hard it is, and have probably given up just as many times as you've attempted to change. This is pretty typical and one thing all of these attempts have in common is that when there is no one to guide you or hold you accountable, giving up is just too easy. A coach can be the difference between real, lasting success and failure.

What kind of coaching do you do?


I help people with a wide variety of issues, but my primary specialty is helping people understand their purpose in life, so that they can find meaning in it, and learn to love themselves and life again. I help you get from where you are, to where you want to be. And where you should want to be is realizing your full potential.

There is one thing that is universal to our happiness, and that is our "reason for being", our purpose. I coach people to find this purpose and then apply it to every aspect of their life, so that they live on purpose. When we live our purpose, we grow by resolving conflicts in life instead of avoiding them and having to repeat them over and over again. 

The basis of my teaching is helping people understand what purpose is by explaining my "theory of purpose" using the elements of the theory as a step by step, practical way of finding our purpose and living it, so that we can learn to love ourselves fully as we were meant to. 

I believe in an holistic approach to life, where my clients are happy and fulfilled in Mind/Body/Spirit. Not only do I teach them ways to discover their purpose and love what they do in life, I help unlock their hidden potential to be the best they can be in all areas of their life. People who learn to resolve conflicts instead of avoiding them, increase their physical, mental and spiritual health and in becoming more healthy in every major category of life, they lead extraordinary lives that positively contribute back to the world they live in.

I help people change their lives so they can then live it to their fullest potential.

How much do you charge?

You can see my fees on my Services page. The question you must answer is what a happy, fulfilled life loving what you do, is worth to you? How much do you spend on entertainment without giving it a second thought? Think about that and add it all up. Would you trade temporary entertainment and amusement for a lasting, happy, fulfilled life that you love? What is a happy life worth to you? 

How many sessions does it require to get results?


Because everyone is in a different place in their life, I can't offer you a definitive answer to this. So much is dependent on how committed you are to change, how willing you are to work at it, and how much time you will devote to the exercises I will give you. The truth is, some people work very hard to change while others do not. The short answer is it really depends on you.


Some people are more open to change, while others are more resistant. The harder a client works on changing their life the faster the results will show up. However, you have to understand that it takes roughly one year to completely change bad habits into good ones. That doesn't mean you need an entire year of sessions, but that is a fairly normal time frame, regardless of how many session are actually needed. Some clients can get by with one session a month because they really work hard at it.


I would say that at a minimum, consider meeting once a month for one year. If you don't see results after that, then you must be doing nothing on your own to change. I can't change you. Only you can change your life, but I have never had anyone not experience some positive change in their life even after a few sessions. Most get something worthwhile out of every session.


What kinds of problems can you help me with and what will we be working on?


Most every issue we humans struggle with stem from a lack of purpose, which then undermines our happiness. I am not a licensed therapist, so I will not be diagnosing nor helping you with any mental disorder. But no matter what aspect of your life you want to change, there is always a solution. Most of what we see as problems are really opportunities for growth, and so we must take a much larger view of life if we want to change. Typically the things that hold us back from a life we love is the faulty programming of our thoughts and beliefs and avoiding conflict instead of resolving it. Conflict is always going to exist. Learning how to resolve issues in logical, calm ways is the key to growth and contentment. I work with you on changing your whole life because every aspect of our life works together. I integrate exercises and techniques that change and strengthen your mind, body and spirit, which when optimal allow you to excel in your chosen job or career, have greater control over your finances, have better relationships, improve your mental and physical health and keep you on the path towards ongoing, continual personal growth. I can help you with any and all of it. But again, the real key is finding your purpose and living from a place of love. When you discover that, and do everything out of love, most everything else in your life improves dramatically.


How much can I expect to get accomplished with just a one hour session?


Like everything in life, you get out of it what you put into it. The sessions with me are only a starting point. They may be more an evaluation at the beginning, but every session will address where you are at, how things are going, areas you need to work on, and what things you must do every day after the session is over, until the next time we get together again.


Depending on your progress, how much gets accomplished depends on what you are doing and how hard you work at it between sessions. The harder you work on yourself, the less time is wasted on rehashing old problems during sessions. How much you accomplish depends entirely on you working on yourself. Know that you will typically get something of real value from each and every session with me.


What do the sessions consist of?

Sessions typically consist of assessments, goal setting (long and short-term), discussion, planning and setting up exercises and techniques to use in order create new positive patterns of thought and beliefs, and developing and maintaining new positive habits. Every session will usually involve discussions about changing faulty thinking and/or habits that might sabotage your effort to change.

If I work really hard at it, will I definitely see results?


Life just has its own way of playing out for each of us and it is nearly impossible to predict how or when results will show up in our life. But this is exactly why we can't give up. You have to understand that your life is undergoing change even when nothing seems to show you that it has. Our lives are always changing, for good or for bad. We sometimes subconsciously undermine our own growth, only thinking we are working at change, but deep down we are actually keeping ourselves mentally stuck without even being aware that we are doing this to ourselves. These are things we can work through in our sessions. You will see some positive results, but it all depends on you. The harder you work at it, the faster you will see things changing, but whether or not these changes are big or small, temporary or permanent, is entirely dependent on you. It took this long for your life to become what is now is. Don't expect a quick fix. 


How will I know when I no longer need a life coach?


Only you can determine if you've made it to your goal(s). And the ultimate goal really is an ongoing, never-ending process of growth that you seek on your own. All throughout our life, we are either growing, stagnating, or regressing. It is up to each individual to decide what part of their lives they wish to work on. This is life. Our journey is never over until life itself is over. We should desire change throughout our entire life. We should also learn to enjoy the process of change, because change is the only constant and purpose itself is a process. Again, I'm only your coach. Everything here is about you and your life. Only you can determine if you still need me, although I determine success by the fact that you no longer do.


Where do you hold sessions?


This is a common question as well. I can meet you anywhere you feel comfortable. I want you to feel at ease and free to talk to me about anything, so we can meet in my home, your home, or at a neutral place. I typically meet with clients at quiet coffee shops and the like because they offer a nice relaxing atmosphere and for the most part are perfect places to hold private conversations.


So how do I contact you and book my free initial consultation session?

You can go to any page on my website and scroll down to the bottom to find the contact form. I also have a “contact” link at the top of every page as well. My e-mail address and phone number is on the contact form as well, and at the end of this page. Simply let me know your name, contact information and anything you want me to know about you, including what you might be dealing with or want to work on. All information provided to me is completely confidential and always will be.


I will reply and contact you as soon as I possibly can. Thank you and I hope I can help you become all you desire to be.


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Thank you.