ABOUT  "The Artist Within"
with Life Coach Mark Mittlesteadt

My life’s purpose has always been to inspire others. All throughout my life, I’ve always felt compelled to help others become the best they could be.

“The Artist Within” started out as art workshops in the 1990's. While initially they were for artists, what I taught was how to look at life in a different, new and exciting way, and to become inspired to see the very essence of life from which to create their art. But because what I taught could be used in all aspects of life, I began helping others find deeper meaning in their lives. My life coaching philosophy is based on my "Theory of Purpose."

My mission in life is to teach others what purpose actually is and how to apply it to life. Living on purpose, is living by fulfilling our purpose.

Why I chose to go into Life Coaching

Becoming a Life Coach better suited my life’s purpose of inspiring others to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives, using theories and methods I developed over the years and while in college. I have been inspiring others through my professional art (both my artwork and my teaching), music and writing for over 35 years. The arts were merely the vehicle through which I did so. In the 1990's I developed a series of art workshops called the Artist Within, where instead of teaching artists how to draw or paint, I challenged them to look at life differently, and more deeply to gain a greater understanding of the world around them. It was always about inspiring others, and so I was a life coach before life coaching was even a "thing". 

I had already begun writing my book “The Artist Within - The Theory of Purpose” before I even attended college and I used much of my studies and papers in college as a means to help me develop my theory. I’ve always believed that we are called upon to live our lives with a greater purpose than most will pursue. Many of my clients feel stuck in life mainly because of feeling their lives lack purpose and meaning. This leads to a lot of their issues, from poor career choices to failed relationships, various addictions and an inability to see their lives with objective clarity any longer. In short, they want to break free from where they are, but have no idea how or where to begin.

Education and Experience...
  • Associate Degree of Applied Science - Human Services

  • 35 years of teaching motivation and inspiration.