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"Beyond the Book" - The Mindset Reset

Book Study/One-On-One Session Course - $1979

The Alchemy of Purpose – Plan 3 Course Overview

This course is identical to Plan 2 but designed for those who prefer a more personal coaching session instead of the group environment, or as in Plan 1 have a need to work at their own pace. After each chapter reading, Mark will work with you directly, one-on-one while you work with the corelating, downloadable bonus material, the book "Mindset Reset" (companion guidebook). This is personal coaching, but in a more casual book study format as opposed to traditional counseling.  


Note that not every chapter of "The Alchemy of Purpose" has accompanying course material. In the bonus material provided in the "Mindset Reset" are exercises and enhancements to the book that allow you to further explore what you have learned.


As part of this course, you will receive personal, one-on-one coaching directly from Mark. Plan 3 might be the best option for those who need more personal attention, or those who prefer not to share in a group environment.

This course includes...

  • A personally signed copy of the book "The Alchemy of Purpose"

  • A personal reading each week of every chapter in the book.

  • A follow-up Life Coaching Lesson by the author Mark Mittlesteadt.

  • Live Q&A Session in a One-On-One setting.

  • Access to free course materials, including the soon to be published book "Mindset Reset".

  • The ability to review the recorded Zoom meeting of each week’s session.


What you will need to participate in this course...

  • You will need to download a copy of Zoom (either an app for your phone, or software for your computer). You can get Zoom HERE 

  • You will need to obtain a journal or notebook to complete some of the exercises or to fully use the included materials.

  • Reserve and set aside the time to participate in each scheduled session. 

NOTE: No refunds will be given.

There are limited times available and you will be expected to participate during the time scheduled.

Any cancellation/rescheduling of a session must be done 48 hours in advance.

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