5 Simple Steps to Change your Life

Sorry. You came to the right page, but I have some bad news for you. All these prompts you see that entice you to go to a website and “Earn a 6 Figure Income in Just Two Weeks!” or “4 Sure Fire Ways to Save Your Marriage”, etc. are really just a bunch of non-sense. There is just enough truth or useful information in those to make us almost believe they are true. Actually, life is nowhere near as complex as we make it out to be. Yet life, while simple, is not easy and it is challenging and there is a lot of work to do if we want to change or improve our lives. While changing our life requires us to take some “simple” steps, the process itself can be difficult to implement.

"Click bait" is a headline on the internet (specifically on social media sites) that grabs your attention and invites you to read further. So, I'm offering you "5 Simple Steps to Change Your Life" and they are simple. Yet they are not easy to do. Nothing worthwhile ever is. But we live in a "quick-fix" world and we want everything to be easy. I hate to burst your bubble, but changing our lives is a life-long process and anyone offering a quick fix to change a life that's taken a lifetime to create and suddenly turn it into the life of our dreams is just plain lying. But you wanted these “5 simple steps” because you want to change your life and like most people, you are looking for the easy way out. So to appease your curiosity you clicked on my link bringing you here, so here they are, the...

“5 Simple Steps to Change Your Life”...

1. Change your thoughts and beliefs.

2. Make a lifelong commitment to change.

3. Develop and maintain new routines and habits.

4. Be willing to step outside your comfort zone and face your fears.

5. Never give up.

Simple, right? Just 5 steps and voila! Your life will change. And it really will. I'm not kidding, nor am I lying to you. Implement these 5 simple steps and I guarantee your life will change. I dare you to.

Now I'll go through each one and explain what they really entail and demand of you.

1. Change your thoughts and beliefs.

Most everything we think and believe, about ourselves and the world around us, has already been programmed into us by about the age of 7 years old. We carry these thoughts and beliefs around with us, mostly throughout our entire life. Changing them is one of the most difficult and challenging things one could ever do, and yet without changing our thoughts and beliefs, our lives will never, ever change. It is impossible. Why? Because what we think we create. Wherever we are at in life right now was created by our previous thoughts and beliefs. If we want to change our life, essentially creating a new one, we must change our thinking. What we think we create, and what we believe we attract.

Just like our thoughts created our life to where it's at right now, so to has our beliefs. Belief is the depth of faith in what we think is true. The more we believe in who we've always been and who we are now, as well as our beliefs about the world around us, has everything to do with what we've attracted to ourselves up to this point. If we don't change our thoughts and beliefs we are going to continue to attract the same kind of people, situations and experiences into our life that we always have. We can't keep thinking and believing the same as we always have and expect our life to change. We might think that there is nothing wrong with our thinking and beliefs, but I can tell you with great certainty that if there was nothing wrong with our thoughts and beliefs as they are now, there would be nothing about our life that needs changing.

Step one here is actually simple, but it is not easy. There is a lot of work to do in the process of “reprogramming” our default thinking and it can be a long process, but there are effective ways to do it. All of which are simple, yet none being easy. And it is only the first step towards change and this changing our life is going to be harder than the title of this blog suggests. But it is necessary and so worthwhile.

2. Make a lifelong commitment to change.

Yes, we have to do this "changing" thing for the rest of our life. Sorry, there just is no easy way around changing. There are no shortcuts. We want to change our life, but this is not a weekend project to keep us busy for a few days. This is a lifelong process. Change is constant and we better be prepared to make a commitment to changing our life, for the rest of our life. Change is going on every day of our life, with or without our awareness, but it's up to each one of us whether or not we're in control of this change, or if others control it for us. The problem is that for far too long we've been operating on autopilot, not really being aware or mindful of what we think and do. How we've lived our life up until now is mostly out of our default programming. We just get up every day and go through the motions, almost as robots, doing what we've been programmed to do. No commitment required. But if we want to change, we have to commit to it and do what it takes to change. This does not mean it can't be an enjoyable process, and in fact any worthwhile change should be about creating more joy in our life. But it does require us to be active participants in this change or it won't last. Saying we will commit to it is simple. Actually committing ourselves to this change is not so easy.

3. Develop and maintain new routines and habits.

Because the desire to cling to our programmed thinking, we've developed some pretty bad routines and habits. You've heard the old line "Doing the same things over and over again but expecting different results is the definition of insanity". I wouldn't say it's insanity, but it's obvious you cannot simultaneously do the same thing and also change. We love being comfortable and our daily routines and habits can give us a false sense of belief that things are going well, even when they are not. But there is a reason we desire change, and if we are to going to, we simply must develop and maintain new, positive routines and habits to replace the ones that are holding us back. Developing new routines is fairly simple and straightforward. Making them a habit is extremely challenging, mostly because of the next "simple" step...

4. Be willing to step outside your comfort zone and face your fears.

Habits are those things we've come to rely on that gives us comfort, but they aren't always good for us. They make us feel better, at least temporarily. Think of everything in your life that you take comfort in. Now think of what changes you want to make in your life. Can they coexist? If they can, then there is no need to change them. I take comfort in nature, astronomy, music, art, writing and many other positive things that fit in very well with how I want my life to be. Yet, because I always seek change, there are other habits I need to replace to further my growth.

We might want a new job that challenges us more because we've become bored with where we are now. But at the same time, we may not yet know what else we should do with our life (that lack of purpose) and so we stay working at a job we don't like, just because there is comfort in staying put, knowing we have that steady paycheck. Quitting that job and starting a new one somewhere else doing something completely different, or starting a new business and venturing out on our own can be scary and certainly makes us uncomfortable. But most any change in our life, big or small, requires stepping outside our comfort zone if we are going to change anything about our life. Comfort is a major obstacle to change. Fear is another.

Fear is one of our most powerful emotions. It goes hand in hand with comfort. Change comes with unknown results. This not knowing can leave us trapped in fear. What if these changes don't work out? Change is uncomfortable and during the process we can be afraid that we may have made the wrong choices, taken the wrong path, or perhaps should have just stayed where we were. After all, at least we were comfortable even if where we were actually made us miserable. There is nothing wrong with comfort and fear can be a good thing at times. But if being comfortable and living in fear is holding us back, we must get beyond this comfort and muster the courage to do what we need to do, regardless of our fear. Which brings up the last of the 5 simple steps...

5. Never give up.

It should go without saying but change requires a certain amount of fortitude. We always hear about successful people, but we seldom hear about how they achieved success. I'll tell you right now that successful people have had more failures than we may imagine. They didn't succeed by not failing. They did so by treating their failures as lessons and never gave up no matter how many failures they had to endure. Success is nothing more than overcoming failure.

Some will say that the first step is the most important. It's not. The most important step in successfully changing your life, is the last step...the one right when you want to quit and just give up, but you refuse to, so you keep on working through it. That is when success happens. But even when we are successful in changing our life, there is no letting up. The whole point of change is about being different, and better than we used to be. This should be a never-ending, lifelong quest. No matter how much you learn about yourself, and how much you change your life, there is always more room for improvement. Continue to seek out change and growth. If you seek change, you have to leave your current life behind. Never, ever give up on that.

So there you have it. 5 Simple Steps to Change Your Life. What could be simpler? Yet nothing is more difficult. You will have a hard time accepting that your current thoughts and beliefs are holding you back. You are going to have a hard time staying committed to it. You will fall back into old habits and comfortable routines of the past. You will experience some fear, doubt and failures along the way. Just don't give up on yourself. Believe in yourself and the possibilities that lie ahead if you follow through with it. Change isn't easy, simple as it is.

Change. What could be simpler?


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