• Mark Mittlesteadt

Don't worry. They have a Drug for that.

We've all been programmed to think and believe a certain way. It requires a Herculean effort to stop accepting the default programming and reject it in favor of open minded discernment.

There is nothing more sinister than the ideals espoused and enacted by countless politicians and corporations all based on the teachings of Edward Bernays, considered the "Father of Public Relations" using well thought out propaganda to program us into hardline beliefs that are difficult, if not impossible to reject. Propaganda is most effective when using our own fear against us. Accept it and be accepted. Reject it and be rejected. A tough choice for the conscious mind to make.

The worst of these is the so-called "War on Drugs" that has been running alongside the multi-billion dollar a year pharmaceutical industry's propaganda machine.

Don't Do Drugs, but...

If you have a headache, they have drugs for that. If you have an allergy, they have drugs for that. Can't wake up? Can't fall asleep? Can't concentrate? They have drugs for that. Have aches and pains? Anxiety? Depression? An inability to control your moods? A heart condition? High blood pressure? They have drugs for that too. Can't get it up? Can't keep it down? They have drugs for that. No matter what "symptom" you have they have drugs for that. Why, they even have drugs for your symptoms that cause even more symptoms! Best of all, if you have absolutely nothing wrong with you at all, they even have drugs for that (you know, just in case) and they might even pass laws to force you take them (just in case you reject the idea)!

But, Don't Do Drugs. Because drugs are bad. Bad for you, but great for the manufacturer's bottom line. Not to worry though because the Food and Drug Administration has our backs. You know, the same political entity that is run by former chemical and pharmaceutical executives. Put your trust in them. Never mind their agenda, as they only have your health and well being in mind. Don't be misled by the fact that the leading cause of our nation's opioid addiction is prescription painkillers, or that one of the leading causes of death in this country (that consistently ranks in the Top 10) is death by prescription drugs TAKEN AS PRESCRIBED.

Don't do drugs. Unless they've been deemed safe for profit. Agree or disagree with me? It doesn't matter. They have a drug for that too.

If you have a problem, no matter what it is, they have a drug for it.

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