• Mark Mittlesteadt

Managing the Pendulum Swing of Purpose

I’ve spent a lifetime trying to understand purpose. I’ve discovered that our true, universal, shared purpose is Love (some may refer to it as God, Peace, Contentment, Balance, or Harmony). Actually they are one in the same. Who we really are is a manifestation of God (or the Consciousness of the Universe). If God is Love, then Love is God. Which means we are also Love itself. As this is who we are, and our reason for being, we then express this Love as our purpose.

I have a friend, Bill Cortright, who breaks down Purpose into archetypes, which is very accurate about our own unique, individual way we tend to express our purpose. The archetypes of purpose are as follows;

Growth, Vitality, Inspire, Freedom, Love, Peace, Connection, Joy, Integrity, and Courage. When we are fully expressing ourselves through our archetype of purpose all is well with us, because we are living in Spirit, connected to our source.. But because we cannot always express the archetype we are most aligned with, we can find ourselves locked into our Ego and fall into its opposite where everything seems wrong and we then struggle with our purpose. This is known as the “Pendulum Swing”. So each archetype has its opposite (the Spirit/Ego or Yin/Yang) energy we can swing into. We typically want to control the pendulum swing, yet this is not possible because we are spiritual beings living in a material world. We will always be swinging between Spirit and Ego. So each Spiritual (positive) archetype of purpose also has its Ego (negative) side as follows;

Growth/Lack, Vitality/Stagnation, Inspire/Apathy, Freedom/Control, Love/Hate, Peace/Disruption, Connection/Aloof, Joy/Grief, Integrity/Division, and Courage/Fear.

Our purpose is to manifest God (Love) in ALL that we do. The Archetypes are simply our unique, individual expression of this singular purpose of Love. If we listen to our Ego and identify too strongly with our archetype as being our sole purpose, we will ride the pendulum swing, always attempting to control it, instead of allowing it and being at “peace” with how it swings. The key is not to control the swing but rather remain centered, balanced and in control over our reaction to the swing.

When we discover who we really are (a manifestation of God…or Love/Peace, etc.), and that our purpose is to manifest God (Love/Peace) in ALL that we do, we can transcend the pendulum swing of our archetype and have a certain level of detachment from the swing, as it takes place.

We need to understand how energy works. Energy can be understood via the Yin/Yang, where it is always in balance. We can think of the pendulum swing as being an actual swing, and we (as children) ride this swing. Energy (according to dualism) is always in balance. So we know that no matter how high the swing goes in one direction, it will always swing back equally in the other direction. No matter how far the swing goes forward, it will always swing back the same amount in the other direction. While we may love the feeling when it swings forward, we must understand that we will proportionally dislike the feeling when it swings back the other way (always to the same degree as the forward swing). This is caused by something hitting our positive energy, pushing the swing back in the other direction (the negative energy inherent in our purpose archetype).

We can be at peace whether it swings forward or back, when we remain connected to our true purpose (or oneness with God) allowing us to feel balanced, regardless of how the pendulum swings. We do not need to control the pendulum, but rather allow it to swing as it must (as energy maintains balance) and this is what we do when we are living with our true purpose (expressing or manifesting God/Love/Peace, etc.).

I created this visual diagram of our purpose to help us see how our true purpose is the fulcrum or balance point of the pendulum swing. This is what we need to discover and live in. Then, as we express our purpose, we can easily allow the pendulum to swing while maintaining a harmonious Yin/Yang balance. While we cannot always express our unique archetype of purpose, we can express our true purpose in ALL that we do. As mentioned, we can be at peace whether we are expressing our purpose archetype or not. When we are balanced, we will more readily see the pendulum for what it is, and recognize ourselves swinging back and forth, and just enjoy the ride (our life) without getting caught up in trying to control the swing at all. It is like watching ourselves on the swing, as we swing on it. A level of detachment from our ego that allows and accepts life as it is, without the need to control it.

As an example, I know who I AM and why I AM here. My purpose is to express God (Love/Peace) in ALL that I do. This is our collective, shared purpose. However, my archetype (my unique expression of purpose) is the Inspire purpose and its negative opposite is apathy (and even depression). Before I understood purpose, my attempt to inspire others (via my creativity in the arts) was always positive in nature. However, because the pendulum must swing back the other way, whenever I could not express my unique archetypal purpose of inspiration, I always fell back into apathy and/or depression. So I spent my life riding this wave, back and forth between inspiration and apathy/depression. We cannot express our unique purpose (our archetype) 24 hours a day. At some point the pendulum will swing the other way. Once I understood that my true purpose was manifesting God/Love/Peace in ALL that I did, I could express my unique purpose of inspiring others, but then when the pendulum swung back (as it must) and I could not inspire others, I could quickly see that it just meant I needed to live in my oneness, centered in God/Love/Peace and exercise self-care or this Love for myself, until the pendulum again swung back into inspiring.

Think about your own purpose. Know that your true purpose (your reason for being) is manifesting God/Love/Peace. No matter what you are doing as you go about your day, you can be an expression of Love in everything you do, regardless of the archetype of purpose you identify with. As you see the pendulum swinging, remain centered (or balanced) in your true purpose. This is what allows you to “let go” or allow the pendulum of your archetype to swing back and forth without the need to control it. When we live in our purpose, we don’t control the pendulum swing, we simply watch it and control our reaction to it with a measured and balanced response.

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