• Mark Mittlesteadt

"The Alchemy of Purpose" - Introduction


What if I told you our only purpose in life was Love? To love ourselves and love one another? That that’s all there is to it and nothing more? Would you believe it?

Would you believe me if I told you that our purpose is to be happy? What if it were joy, contentment, peace, meaning, or fulfillment? If I told you the key to a happy life is “doing what we love,” would you then believe that is our purpose?

So many are struggling to find what it is they want to do with their life that will give it meaning. How would you feel if you found out that the very thing you've been seeking your entire life doesn't exist, at least not as you’ve come to know it?

What is this nebulous thing called “purpose”? On paper, it looked like I had found it. I'd been doing what I love and following my dreams my entire adult life and yet, like so many others who have done the same, I hadn't found much more joy, contentment or meaning than if I hadn't pursued them. How can this be? Isn't discovering our purpose and then doing it supposed to be the recipe for a happy life?

Clearly something about our idea of purpose is erroneous or incomplete. Perhaps it is wrong entirely. After years of studying psychology and human behavior, and contemplating the meaning of purpose, I had an awakening, an epiphany that revealed something about purpose I had overlooked. This revelation would become the seed for what I call the Theory of Purpose.

By reading this book, you will come to understand that purpose isn't a thing that we do or something we seek. It is a process of living that gives meaning to our life and from which all the wonderful things we typically associate with life purpose are derived.

Most of all, our purpose is only fully realized when it is done out of Love, for ourselves and the world around us. There can be no other way to live it. Yes, cliché though it may be, Love truly is the answer.

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