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The Law of Attraction & the Algorithm of the Universe

By now, I'm sure we are all aware of how our computer usage (via online searches and social media posts), affect what shows up in our web browsers. We type in something of interest to find some answers, and what returns is a plethora of data and links specific to what we are looking for. This is built into the software in order to provide us with the useful data we were seeking. No surprise there.

Some may not be aware (although most are), but everything we type into a search engine and everything we post on social media sites is tracked by software under the guise of giving us the best “online” experience. Yet, there is a dark side to this. In the programming of the software we use, there exists code that gets downloaded to our computer or smartphone as we use it. Not only is software being downloaded to us, but some of our information is simultaneously getting uploaded to servers run by search engines and social media sites. This caching of information is how we get all those “ads” tailored to us specifically, as if they could read our mind. Well, they can't read our mind, but they can track our browsing habits and the things we put out there in the virtual universe.

Let's say you have an interest in fishing. It's one of your favorite hobbies and since your constant presence online is that of fishing, you keep looking up places to go and equipment to buy like lures, tackle, rods and reels, fishing boats, motors and everything having to do with it. You make social media posts revolving around this interest and lo and behold (as if by magic), you receive ads and other content from people and companies you don't even know that have targeted your interest in all things “fishing”. You may be aware that this is all tied together and this is not magic. You are giving your information to these companies who pay good money to have these search engines and social media download and track your browsing and social media habits. It's all programmed into the software to have these ads presented to you in an attempt to get you to buy their products and services. It is no coincidence.

Likewise our smartphones are “listening” to us. Yes our phones are that “smart”. They're programmed to even overhear our conversations. You may never, not even once, gone online and searched for the best place to eat or where to buy the best seafood. Yet all these ads will pop up on your computer and phones that cater to seafood restaurants and stores that sell it. You're thinking to yourself, “That's weird, how did they know I was looking for a seafood restaurant?” You may not be aware, and it is not a conspiracy theory, but your phone is listening to your private conversations. You and your wife talk about where to go out to eat and you bring up the idea of where to go for seafood. As your conversation keeps revolving around where to go out and eat seafood, your phone is providing this information out to the virtual world about your interest. So for the very first time, you go online and look up seafood restaurants in your favorite search engine. Without having even begun typing the word “seafood” into the search bar, you can already see ads appearing for seafood restaurants and articles on how to cook seafood. Why? Because of your conversations with your wife that apps on your phone overheard and uploaded, that's how.

There is an algorithm programmed into the software of our web browser, our computer and our phone apps, and it's all tied together with search engines, as well as our social media platforms that use our words for us (or against could work both ways) to give us all the data with which to make choices. The more we post things on social media sites, the more of the same content appears on those sites and it is no coincidence. It's in the algorithm built into the software. Our newsfeed is filled with evidence of our browsing habits, our searches and also our so-called “private” conversations that are anything but private. Scary? Perhaps, but don't fret too much. It's all just big business doing what it does...attempting to sell us products and services catered to what we put “out there”.

Now you might be wondering what this all has to do with the “Law of Attraction”. Well, there is a consciousness to the Universe. We are all literally connected, not only to each other (all 8 plus billion of us) but to every single thing in the Universe. The Universal consciousness is alive and well, within each one of us. We are of the Universe. We might call the Consciousness of the Universe “God” and why not? That is what God is after all, regardless of what name we give it, or what religion we may follow.

And God is listening in on our thoughts, just like our smartphones or web browsing habits pay attention to what we are putting “out there”. Only in this case, what we are putting out there is our thoughts and beliefs, our intentions and energy. The “Consciousness of the Universe” or “God” is using what we put out there, and providing us with usable content (the physical evidence of people, our environment and situations or circumstances that show up). And this too is no coincidence. There is a purpose to this.

What we think we create. What we believe we attract, and what we imagine, we become. This is the Law of Attraction. There is also an algorithm of the Universe. It's built into it. Like the software on our devices, the Universe has a programming that delivers content to us based on our thoughts, beliefs and imagination. Now, of course we also had our thoughts and beliefs programmed into us and out of those thoughts and beliefs we've created this life we've been given. Just like what we post on social media and type into search engines, the more we think about something, the more of that same content we are going to receive from the Universe. Like attracts like. If you are a negative thinker, that's what you put out there, and so that's what gets delivered to you; negative evidence of your life showing up with which you deal with. If you are a positive thinker, more of that content gets delivered to you. It's not mysterious or magical. It's just the programming of the Universe with its own built-in algorithm, giving us content rich evidence based on our thought. Of course the more firmly entrenched we are in our beliefs, the more related evidence (ads) that will show up in our life. What we believe, we attract. So when it comes to our life, we are sending this energy (via thoughts and beliefs) out into the Universe and in the Universe's own algorithm it's returned back to us in the form of people we meet, circumstances we find ourselves in, and situations we must deal with. Whether it is positive or negative depends entirely on what we choose to put out there.

Many may think or believe that this is all nonsense, yet we might consider that our denial, rationalization, cynicism and disbelief as a form of a mental antivirus or firewall program we use to filter out all the reasons why these things in life happen to us. Some may not believe in the power of positive thinking or the law of attraction, and I totally understand why they might think this way. Yet, our life is always manifesting what we think and believe, and we are always getting what it is we are creating, with or without our awareness. Just like one who doesn't grasp how these ads just happen to fill up our browsers in relation to what we put out there, many just are not aware of the algorithm of the Universe doing the same thing; filling our lives with what we put out there.

But many are aware, and they purposely put out positive energy, filled with positive thoughts and strong beliefs behind those thoughts, in order to receive those things in life that God (or the consciousness of the Universe) will willingly provide because they know that this is just how life works. It's no coincidence to them at all. It's the divine purpose of the Universe. It's how it's programmed to operate. When we are so easily convinced this is how our computers work, why would it be beyond the realm of possibility that something that created everything in existence (which is an infinitely higher intelligence than computer programmers) isn't doing the same thing with our lives? Something to at least consider. Try putting that out there and see what shows up for you.

EDIT: The day after I shared this blog on my social media, my newsfeed gave me ads for fishing equipment. Not coincidentally, the day I wrote this blog I had been thinking about the book I wrote and then within an hour I unexpectedly received a wonderful e-mail from my literary agent about it.

The Algorithm of the Universe
What if we put the same energy into our life that we do into our technology?

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