• Mark Mittlesteadt

The Power of "I AM"

When I say I AM GOD experiencing myself, know that I mean you too are God experiencing yourself. All life, be it plant, animal, human, the Universe, the energy that exists in all things, is God experiencing itself. There are no two words more more powerful than "I AM". I realized this when I had an epiphany a few years ago when I witnessed totality during the solar eclipse. When the Sun was completely blocked out and I saw the image above, the sky was dark all around, right in the middle of the day. I saw the Sun's corona dancing hypnotically around the Sun, but I also saw the stars, four other planets, and I instantly felt "Oneness", realizing that we are all one with the Universe. No longer was the Earth merely what I stood on, nor the Moon just sitting "out there" blocking the Sun which was also out there along with the other planets, stars, and billions of other galaxies. I saw myself and all that exists as being one. 

The experience was akin to being a single cell in the body realizing it is not just a cell, but one with the body it resides in, or a wave realizing it is one with the ocean. No separateness. Total oneness. But this is the beauty in the I AM. When Pontius Pilate asked Jesus if he was God, there was no explanation. Jesus simply replied, "I AM". Pilate could have also asked Jesus if he were human and Jesus would have still answered "I AM" . No difference. No separation. One in the same. You see, when we finally realize "WHO WE ARE" it is liberating. We are no longer separate from anything. We are not spiritual beings separate from our human existence, nor are we humans having a spiritual experience. The idea that we are God experiencing itself can be taken further, by going even deeper. YOU are not "having" an experience. You ARE the experience itself. This is why the I AM is so powerful. It is a statement of Oneness. When you say you are suffering, you are not feeling the suffering, you ARE suffering itself. When you say you are ill, you are not just feeling ill, you ARE illness itself. Conversely, when you feel happy, you are not just experiencing what it is to be happy, You ARE happiness. You ARE health, you ARE wealth, you ARE Love. We don't have experience, we ARE THE EXPERIENCE. Everything we desire, we already ARE. It is all within us already. This is why the I AM statements in our affirmations hold so much power. You are not stating what you wish to have happen, or what you wish to feel or experience. To do so still holds separateness in your mind. You are not "this" wishing for "that". You ARE both, this and that, simultaneously. So what are you stating in your affirmations? What you want, or WHO YOU ARE? This is what Gandhi referred to when he said, "BE the change you wish to see in the world." If you want Peace, BE peace. If you want Love, BE love. This is why we may even feel we are enlightened, spiritual beings but have such a hard time integrating it into our human experience. We think in terms of separateness. We simply don't realize we ARE both, spiritual and human. There is no separateness, only Oneness. It is in our faulty beliefs that we hold them as two separately distinct aspects of our being, and so we struggle to live in the Oneness that WE ARE. Even the struggle is not just an experience of struggle. We ARE struggle itself. 

When we understand the I AM we can then realize that the experiences we "have" is not just some separate thing, but that WE ARE the experience. To see your self in this way is liberating, freeing you from the attachment of all suffering as if it were something you could rid yourself of. You will still suffer, because it is just an aspect of your being, just as happiness is an aspect of your being. You ARE all of it. You Are God experiencing yourself. I'll leave you with the lyrics of the song, "Eclipse" by Pink Floyd "All that you touch And all that you see All that you taste All you feel And all that you love And all that you hate All you distrust All you save And all that you give And all that you deal And all that you buy Beg, borrow or steal And all you create And all you destroy And all that you do And all that you say And all that you eat And everyone you meet And all that you slight And everyone you fight And all that is now And all that is gone And all that's to come And everything under the sun, is in tune But the sun is eclipsed by the moon."

Everything under the Sun is in tune, because it is all the same thing. It is your thought, like the Moon, that blocks you from being "in tune". Allow your light to shine, like the Sun's corona radiating out into this beautiful Universe we call life. 

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