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Welcome to my website. I began this journey into being a life coach at a very early age, though I didn't know what path it would follow, how it might unfold, or how long it would take for it to happen. I began inspiring others as an artist and musician. I wanted to share the beautiful world around me and my art allowed me to express this beauty. I also wanted others to feel as inspired as I have, as that is my purpose in life.

I began writing at an early age as well, and have carried this with me all through my life. As I began having some success with getting some of my writing published, I found that writing is something I really wanted to pursue as a career. But I allowed life to take me on this journey at its own pace. Because my life's purpose really always was about inspiring others, I began working on my upcoming book, "The Artist Within" (named after my art workshops) as a way to inspire others through my writing.

After I graduated from college I decided to become a life coach and take my purpose to a higher, and more intimate level. It is with the passion I have for helping others that I chose life coaching because it opens more possibilities for me to have a more positive impact on a greater number of people via my books and blogs, yet also by one on one coaching.

I created this website as a way for people to get to know me and what "The Artist Within" is all about and how to contact me for personal coaching. But my website also allows me to share my thoughts on everything that impacts our lives and how we can break free from the things that hold us back from following our dreams and fulfilling our purpose. I believe in the unlimited potential and possibilities of the human spirit.

It is with this desire to help others that these blog posts are created. Even if you can't set up a personal appointment with me, you can read my posts and hopefully something worthwhile will resonate with you. Perhaps you gain some insight into your life, or look at your life from a new perspective.

I will continually add to my blogs here. Some blogs will be direct excerpts from my book. Most will be ideas that come to me as I continue to help others. As always, my thoughts are just that; my thoughts, as I continue to observe and study human behavior and this beautiful experience called life.

I want to share my inspired journey with you and I want you to live an inspired life as well. It's my purpose in life. What is your purpose?


Into the Light - Bald Eagle by Mark Mittlesteadt

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