• Mark Mittlesteadt

Whose Reality is it Anyway?

How many of you understand this? Of those who do, how many of you actually believe it and use your thoughts, beliefs and imagination to take action and create the life you want and the world you live in?

2020 has been a GREAT year for me. This year has been one of the best years of my life. Has 2020 been a great year for you as well? Why or why not? Do you believe that you alone create your world, or do you still believe that it is the external world creating reality for you?

Whatever you imagine your world to be is exactly what your world will become.

I've taken this year to create my life as I imagined it to be. I've expanded my business, created a healthier mind and body, healed, maintained and developed relationships with those who are of like mind that desire a better life. I have consumed my thoughts with Love, Peace, Contentment, Progress, Positive energy and Gratitude for all that is good in my life. What my life has become is what I've held in my imagination. My world is the same world you live in. What have you created? What is your world like?

When you consume your thoughts with the negative news of the pandemic, wildfires, social unrest, politics and the state of your world as you imagine it to be, the Universe will continually provide you with even more evidence to support it. You unknowingly create and perpetuate more of the same. It becomes your reality to the point you believe it is reality and you've played no part in creating it.

Social media has an algorithm in place where every time you click on a post that contains negative news and opinions, it will automatically generate more of the same into your news feed. Every "click", every "like", and every "share" puts this algorithm into action. Even when you debate others on their negative posts and engage in negative topics, you feed this online machine your desire for more negative posts to be generated. It's not rocket science. It was designed to be this way.

You can even reply to a negative post and be as positive and thoughtful as can be, but it only perpetuates the negative. You might think you are only informing others with news and opinions when you share this negative garbage, but you are creating and perpetuating it, totally unaware that regardless of your best intentions, you are unwittingly feeding it more energy and so it just creates more of the same, until you actually believe this is how the world really is. But this is only your world, just as you have imagined it and created it.

I hold in my imagination a beautiful world, filled with beautiful, loving people and because I mindfully choose to live in a world that I am grateful for, more of this is created and perpetuated. You might believe that I am only in denial, and you'd be right. I do deny your negative view of the world, and so my world is nothing like the one you live in. Same world, different results.

You can live in fear, anger, frustration, worry, doubt and anxiety but it is simply a choice you make. Out of these negative emotions you cling to, your thoughts are creating a world filled with more things to be fearful of, angry about or frustrated with, but all that you are doing is creating more of the same.

There is no magic to this. This is just how life works. It's how people who live unconsciously function. The algorithm of the Universe plays out exactly the same way the algorithm of social media does. Whatever you hold in your imagination (the "clicks, likes and shares" within your mind) is what will be presented to you in your life (your personal newsfeed you call "reality"). See this blog post for more on this phenomenon.

2020 has been a great year for me and it's only getting better. It has nothing to do with luck. You create your own luck. What have you created this year? What do you really want to create? Your world always has been and will continue to be what you alone make it to be. Want to live in a different world? Then create a different world. Whose reality is it anyway? I teach people how to create the life they want. There is no secret to it, no magic. It is quite simple really. Not so easy perhaps, but it is very simple. As Wayne Dyer would say, "Change your thoughts, change your life." What could be easier? Find out how.

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