My "Theory of Purpose" coaching strategy...



As a student of Human Behavior for more than 40 years, I have dedicated my life to helping others live to their full potential, uplifting them into higher energy and helping them to discover their own purpose in life. 

I've taken everything we've always thought about purpose and turned it upside down and inside-out and discovered a new way of looking at and defining "purpose" called the "Theory of Purpose." Via this theory, I've developed a unique strategy to help others live with purpose using practical methods and exercises that anyone, at any stage of their life, can benefit from. 

In order to begin living with purpose, we first must understand what purpose really is...

The Theory of Purpose (© - 2019 - Mark Mittlesteadt and The Artist Within)

Purpose is not a singularity, but the fluid, ongoing experiential process of life. We are the manifestation of the Consciousness of the Universe co-creating and manifesting our life into existence. What we think we create. What we believe we attract. What we imagine we become. Thought, belief and imagination set our intention. In our intention, we express our purpose, manifesting our experience. Our experience creates conflict and through its resolution we achieve growth, which provides contextual meaning for our life. Our shared, universal purpose is love, uniquely and individually expressed as a manifestation of the Consciousness of the Universe.

For Yourself

I can teach you how to apply the Theory of Purpose to your life. Together we will learn about the Three Elements of Mind, the Three Elements of Purpose, how to resolve conflict in the Two Elements of Meaning as applied to the Six Elements of Life as you move up through the Four Levels of Purpose. This is how we grow, derive meaning in life, find joy and live to our fullest potential.  



What I Offer You...


  • One FREE initial half hour consultation session. 

  • The Purpose Inventory Evaluation (© 2019) to determine where you are currently at in life.

  • A deep look into each component of the Theory of Purpose and how to apply it in practical ways.

  • Weekly, Bi-weekly or monthly sessions tailored specifically to YOU.

  • An holistic approach to your wellness, to be the best you can be in Mind, Body and Spirit.

  • A plan customized for you, to develop new and interesting routines and habits for positive results.

  • Physical, Mental and Spiritual exercises to keep you focused and on task.

  • E-mail support, encouragement and accountability as you begin your discovery and change.

  • FREE unlimited access to my blogs on a variety of topics.

It typically takes about a year to make healthy positive changes, and to develop consistent habits and routines that are lasting and permanent. Some can get by with one or two sessions a month. Some need or want more and so I offer different plans to make sessions with me as affordable as possible. Pick one that you feel comfortable with and start changing your life for the better right now!

Each Session is for one hour. To learn more, visit my FAQ page.

UPDATED - November 1, 2019

  • First Single Half-Hour Consultation Session - FREE!

  • Single Sessions - $200 per session (scheduled as needed or wanted).

  • Four Weekly Sessions - $600. All four must be booked and paid for in advance. All four sessions must be completed within 30 days.

NOTE: All sessions must be paid for in advance. No refunds on cancellations. Any session that needs to be rescheduled must be done at least two days prior to scheduled appointment. 

Contact me below for payment options. If you have any other questions, contact me or visit my FAQ page. 


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