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Do you remember back when you were a child and the dreams you had of what you wanted to become? Did life work out for you as you dreamt it, or did something happen along the way that made you trade your dreams for a different reality?


Have you ever asked if there was more to life than how you live it now? Do you feel like perhaps you are just going through the motions, but really don't know what to do about it? As we grow older, we can sometimes look back on life with regret. These regrets can manifest in a lot of different ways, both mentally and physically. So many live their lives kind of accidentally, only reacting to the seemingly random way life plays out for them. It can lead to feeling a little empty, lost or just plain stuck without knowing why. We can have a hard time coping with these feelings and develop anxiety, worry, fear, and a variety of other negative symptoms that simply do not serve our well-being.


We live in a hectic, fast paced world that leads to an awful lot of stress, and stress is the number one contributor to both mental and physical problems. But how can we relieve or eliminate this stress? By resetting ourselves and living our lives with purpose and meaning.


There is a purpose to our life and each one of us was given a unique, wonderful gift. A gift we should be sharing with the world. Yet many do not know what their purpose is or how to discover it. Some may know what their purpose is, but just aren't sure how to go about living their lives the way they imagined they would. It's never too late to follow your dreams.


As a professional artist, musician and writer for over 35 years, I have been living my dreams and fulfilling my purpose of inspiring others to do the same. I was a life coach before life coaching was even a thing, yet I went back to college for a degree in human services and I became a professional life coach to help people with their own personal growth, and aid them in discovering and living their purpose. By living on purpose we no longer have to react to life. We can take control of our life and live it with great meaning and fulfillment.

Book a session with me to begin exploring how you can learn how to live your life in a new and exciting way! My fees are $70 for a one hour session. Get 50% off the first "Getting to know each other" session. Book 5 sessions in advance for $250 and save $100!!!

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  • Initial "getting to know you" session.

    1 hr

    35 US dollars
  • This is for a single session.

    1 hr

    70 US dollars
  • Advanced Booking - 5 sessions

    1 hr