The Mindful Observer

They say "A picture is worth a thousand words", so let me paint you a picture. Words are powerful and when carefully chosen and woven together they give greater clarity of meaning than a picture alone can. Yes, a picture can say an awful lot with a single look, but it is open to interpretation, or more precisely, misinterpretation. 

Words however, if constructed to form intelligent, effective communication, can say just as much if not more than a picture and be more direct in meaning. The key here is how well the words effectively communicate. Get what I'm saying here? ;)

What is "the mindful observer"?

I am so glad you asked! Yes, I'm a life coach, and an artist. I'm also a musician, and I have many other hobbies, interests, passions and experience with which to draw upon for subject material to do what I love to do the most...Writing

Writing is my most enjoyable preoccupation. I write every single day, be it journaling, blogging, copywriting, or working on several new books I have in the works. I have more thoughts to express than time will allow, so I use my writing as a means to express myself on a regular basis. 

I write for myself. I write for my coaching clients, my followers, family, friends and I also do it professionally for those who need content to market their own businesses but have neither the skill, nor time to devote to it. 

The Mindful Observer is my own space, both here on The Artist Within website and also a place to allow this part of me to just express myself without having it connected to other business ventures.  The Mindful Observer is really my public mindspace. Some of what I write will be of great importance while also being trivial, humorous or just plain devoid of any meaning other than something lighthearted to enjoy. The Mindful Observer is just me and my observations about a wide variety of topics. 

I invite you to look around and well, read what I've written. One of the things I love most about writing is being able to fully express myself in a way that runs counter to the short attention span we tend to have in the 21st century. Sorry, this is not the place to look at memes or tweets. If that's all you are looking for, I'm sorry to disappoint you but you won't find it here. The Mindful Observer is for people who want to take a little time to actually read something. You won't find any 5 second billboard material here. 

Any of my blogs with the header including "The Mindful Observer" are just a wide variety of thoughts I have that aren't related directly to The Artist Within - Discover Your Purpose coaching entity. 

I hope you enjoy your stay!