Putting the Theory of Purpose into Practice

In order to put the Theory of Purpose into practice we must understand the elements of the theory itself (from "The Alchemy of Purpose"); The Three Elements of Mind, The Three Elements of Purpose, The Two Elements of Meaning, The Six Elements of Life,  and the Four Levels of Purpose.

The Three Elements of Mind

Thought - The ever-expanding ideation of our life. What we think, we create

Beliefs - The truths we hold about ourselves and the world. What we believe, we attract.

Imagination - The infinite possibilities that what we imagine, we become. 


The Three Elements of Purpose

Intention - The singular focus of the Three Elements of the Mind.

Expression - How we uniquely and mindfully live the intention of our purpose.

Manifestation - The energy we vibrate in, thus what we create for ourselves and the world.

The Two Elements of Meaning


Conflict - The lessons we are given from which to learn.

Resolution - The growth from where we derive meaning.


The Six Elements of Life


Career - The task and occupation of our purpose.

Finance - The wealth we acquire to use for our purpose.

Health - The physical and mental health we achieve through self-love.

Relationships - The Love we hold within and share in an infinite world of Oneness.

Spirituality - The connection to our eternal divine self. 

Personal Growth - The expansion of our self in all areas of life.


The Four Levels of Purpose

These are the Four Levels of Purpose we grow into and work our way through, from the Material level towards our highest calling, the Enlightened Level. 


The Material Purpose – We seek happiness in materialism. We spend our life acquiring sufficient wealth to provide not only financial stability, but the ability to afford the luxuries of life that we derive pleasure from.

The Ego Purpose – This is the level most associate with "purpose" because this level is about "doing what we love" to satisfy the ego, in the traditional thought that if we could only live life following our passion and fulfilling our dreams, we will be happy and content.

The Altruistic Purpose – We find deeper meaning being in service to others. We are no longer concerned with only satisfying our personal need and desire to live life with passion and singular purpose, but connecting more with others and directing it to be in service to them.

The Enlightened Purpose – We seek a connection with God, thus fulfilling our greatest purpose and highest calling. We realize that life isn't about ourselves at all, nor is it just about a connection with others, but rather being in a continual state of connection with everything in the Universe where our self is dissolved into the whole.















Love - Love is the energy behind our purpose and it is what binds all the elements together. This is what allows our purpose to manifest itself in our life. Having all the elements of purpose aligned and doing everything out of love is what transforms our lives. 


Learn How to Apply These Concepts


Just knowing what the elements of the The Theory of Purpose are is not enough. We need to learn the deeper meaning behind them and I can teach you how to apply The Theory of Purpose to your life. Contact me for more information or to start booking sessions now.